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Welcome to Yoder Art Works! I am pleased to welcome you to my dedicated web page built for that little QR Code you just scanned!

As my concept grows and I add more cards, I will be featuring the photos here. If you come back and see one you like, just contact me, and I'll be sure to get you a card!

In the mean time, now that you're here, take a look around the site, and check out my photography! There are two distinct sections for the photos, the ones that are in my Portfolio to show off, and the ones that are in the For Sale section so you can add a great piece of art work to hang in your home or office. As a special offer, enter the Coupon Code "qr25" for 25% off the order, and free shipping on your order!

If you need to Contact Me for availability or pricing, please do, I'll reply as soon as I can.