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Welcome to the Photobooth by Yoder Art Works! The official first activation!

The Photobooth by Yoder Art Works aims to be a fun, affordable solution for photo booth rental for your party, wedding, festival, charity event, wine club, or whatever! We look to build in as much value as possible, always trying to offer more where some other companies make you pay extra.  All you need to do is bring some exciting people and have some fun!

Here's what's included with every rental

  • Starting at 3 hours of coverage
  • Free prop use
  • Unlimited pairs of 2"x6" strips 
  • A smiling, fun operator, who sticks around for the entire duration of the rental
  • A USB Flash Drive of all the photos and strips made during the event
  • A free online gallery for family and friends to relive the fun
  • Customized photo strip layout (colors, text, artwork, etc.)
  • Customized photo booth start screen
  • Prices start at $350

Sounds like a lot, right? That's what we mean by trying to build in the value for you. You're busy enough with all the other details of your event, so trying to make this part of your life easier is our goal! 



We want YOU to have a great evening!


So there's a lot included, but you may also be wondering what else you can do to customize the booth to your event. There are options for you to make the night fit to exactly what you need:

  • 4x6" sheet upgrade (4x6" "strips" versus 2x6" strips)
  • 5x7" sheet upgrade
  • Custom curtain colors
  • Custom signage for booth exterior
  • Extra coverage (by the hour)

With all those extras, you will be sure to have every detail you need covered, covered! 




While it's great to talk about the value our Photobooth can give you, value means nothing without the quality to back it up. As a photographer, taking and presenting photos with outstanding quality is of paramount importance! That is part of why it took so long to get the booth operational (nearly a year from the original idea to the completion of the booth). 

Every good photograph starts with the light; after all, photography is all about the light, as every photographer knows. The light for the Photobooth is a studio-quality strobe that holds the camera right in the middle. This allows the light to be straight ahead, which allows for great, flattering light (called "on-axis" light). Combine this with an awesome 32" (i.e. big!) soft box, and the light gently wraps around you and brings out the best. 

The camera itself is the next most important part. In the case of the Photobooth, the camera is a professional-quality, D-SLR. This allows for every detail of the fun to be captured! 

None of this matters, however, if the print you receive doesn't live up to the quality of the picture-taking. In this case, we use a high-speed, high-quality dye-sublimation printer. What this means for you is quick printing - with prints being ready in less than a minute - with high quality. You won't find better quality unless you buy a digital mini lab, like the ones you find at your favorite photo lab! 

Our promise to you is that our expectations run high enough that you will be satisfied. If you would like a sample, please contact Ben, and he would be more than happy to arrange it! And, for a little more explanation of what goes into the Photobooth to get the quality we expect, check out Ben's blog post about the "behind the scenes" of what goes into the Photobooth's quality photographs

Pricing He seems so innocent, but I think She knows better...

For availability, and pricing,  including any of the extras you may want to add in, please contact us, and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. Also, samples can be sent by request.








More sample photos

My designer and me, ready to rumble, apparently! Trying to explain the concepts behind the booth





About the free online gallery:

With every booth rental, you will get a free online gallery of all the photos of the event. This gallery will be password protected, with a custom URL for the gallery, and every guest will receive the URL and password on a flier at the event. Once at the gallery, everyone will have the opportunity to purchase prints and photo gifts at value pricing. This is in addition to the USB drive you receive at the end of the event, but this way everyone, no matter where they are, can have access to the files at any time (and they won't have to bother you for the photos every other day!). 






The current high number of people in the booth and on camera: 13!

Check back here to see if anyone can break the record



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