Photobooth by Yoder Art Works | About
Welcome to Yoder Art Works. I am available for photobooth rentals, and photography of many types, though I am known for event and lifestyle photography - such as concerts, parties, and weddings - and am starting the transition to focus more on product and food photography.

While I was a little late to photography, I took my first "artsy" photo while I was in school at the University of Toledo. Though it was a random snap it set my mind going down the photographic path. From there, the art started to grow, which culminated in getting my first DSLR in 2007, and starting down the professional photographic path. From there, it was on to Columbus State's Digital Photography program to learn everything I didn't know I should teach myself. I graduated in 2011, a week after I was married!

Since graduation, I've kept busy with designing and building the Yoder Art Works Photobooth, and becoming a staff photographer with Columbus' (614) Magazine. With day job duties ramping up as well, it has kept me busy, to say the least!

Please keep coming back often, as I am constantly adding more for you to see and enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by!

-Ben Yoder